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GrowThisFast.com is the leading brand management and App development growth provider for established top tier companies and energetic new start-ups within the legal marijuana industry. Our services can be utilized in an à la carte manner, fully integrated as one cohesive strategic plan, or added over time modularly to maximize your budget while providing the most efficient path toward profitable growth of your company. Some of our more popular service components are detailed on this website, but we should also note that many of our clients require custom solutions and proprietary systems as important parts of their confidential marketing campaigns. We are always willing to discuss the specific needs of your brand in greater detail and we are able to work seamlessly behind the scenes once we understand your brand and your campaign goals. At GrowThisFast we aren’t about creating glory for ourselves, we are focused on generating growth for our clients.

Full Compliance & Compatibility

There are many App developers on the market these days, but what sets Grow This Fast apart from all the rest is the fact that we specialize exclusively in developing Apps for the legal marijuana industry. For that reason we are uniquely in tune with the challenges your cannabis business must overcome to succeed as a digital brand on mobile devices. That’s why the Apps we create for our cannabis clients are compliant with legal requirements and compatible with all mobile device platforms.

Powerful Features

Mobile Apps allow your customers to interact with your digital content more intimate ways than any website can allow. Information can be geo-targeted and sorted by location using the innate GPS functionality of any device, information can be tailored by mobile platform or carrier and the touchscreen provides many innovative ways to offer exactly the information your client wants to see in the simplest to browse interface available anywhere. If you don’t have an APP you are asking your customers to struggle using you website on their phone when they are far more likely to just go use another App that someone else builds to suit their style better.

The Legal Cannabis Industry

Finally Has An App Provider That Understands the Cannabis Industry

Custom Content

We can publish your existing content or create brand new custom content exclusively for your new Mobile Marijuana App. Reviews, Instructions, Directions, News, Profiles, Recipes or any other content your audience wants can now be created more easily than ever.

Fully Compliant

We work closely with our clients and stay informed about the changing compliance requirements of each jurisdiction, and we are also keenly aware of the compatibility obstacles presented by an ever-changing ecosystem of mobile devices and App platforms.

Fully Customizable

We can create anything that digital media allows. Your imagination and passion are what fuel our performance. If you can think of it, and modern science allows it, we can build it for you so that you can grow faster than you ever expected.

Rapid Growth

Our team is focused on developing your Apps and assisting you with growing your brand. We enhance our App development efforts with a complete package of available services including: Website creation, social media marketing, Traffic purchasing, Search Engine Optimization and more

Exquisite Design

Your Marijuana App needs to be as sticky as the buds your clients crave. That’s why our design team works tirelessly to give your App the slick skin and visually pleasing appearance it needs to succeed in what is quickly becoming a very crowded mobile market.

Fully Compliant

Mobile Apps are only as good as they appear on the screen of each individual viewer. Your customers deserve an App that works beautifully on iOS, Android, every Carrier, mobile or tablet device and carrier service.

"Grow This Fast delivered everything on time and exceeded my expectations. I recommend them enthusiastically to everyone but my direct competitors."
Stewart Tongue WeedStoreReviews.com
"Our App is obviously very important to us and Grow This Fast has proven it's also important to them. That matters a heck of a lot to me."
Joe Evans WeedStoreNearMe.com
"My clients in the cannabis industry all use Grow This Fast for their Apps. Having a team that actually knows what you can or can't do is crucial to saving time and making money in this industry."
Lauren MacEwen Social Media Strategist
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