Brand Management

Intellectual Property Protection including all aspects of legal filing, fair use, mark adjudication and enforcement. Our experts have won millions of dollars in awards from infringers and served on teams dedicated to thwarting the efforts of patent trolls or other nefarious bad actors seeking to leech value from the honest effort of others. Protecting your brand starts with clearly defining it, utilizing it and understanding the necessary aspects of enforcement that secure your rights before they come into question legally or in the marketplace of ideas.

International Branding is an aspect of growth too many local businesses tend to overlook. The days of selling lemonade on the corner are over. The globe is now a much smaller and more manageable stage for your products to gain traction, and our experience building brands that are appealing in all regions of the world may be your simplest path to rapid growth.

Cultural Marketing relies on more than simple language translation. When you market your products in other regions you need to be sure you are utilizing cues that are already familiar to the local audience in each location. Our team works with experts in regional marketing to open up new revenue streams, access mobile audiences and maximize the efficiency of payment channels that vary quite a bit from one audience to the next.

Channel Diversification expressed more simply is the notion that if you have a product capable of generating sales from one audience, you ought to be expanding to as many other audiences as you can while simultaneously seeking to increase sales in your primary channel. Getting the most sales from a single audience is a nice short term goal, but diversifying the sales channels and the reach of your brand is the only way to fuel long term growth and avoid the diminishing returns of a stale product being marketed to a limited pool of potential customers. Growthisfast opens new channels and provides the throughput to generate interest from an ever increasing audience of new buyers.

Content Creation

Design consists of all aspects of visual marketing from the simplest new website layout to promote an interactive user experience, to full national ad campaigns and branding efforts that include logos, marketing materials and more.

Copywriting is a bigger factor in the success of a brand than most people expect. After all, 99% of the Internet is text. People all too often ignore or block visual ads and communicating your message across many channels effectively always starts with creating copy that is worthy of the attention of your intended audience. Growthisfast experts do more than string a few buzzwords together. We utilize time-tested techniques to create text that motivates humans and provides search engines with the perfect pitch to generate trackable results online and beyond as part of a cohesive content creation strategy.

Traffic Generation

Social Media Engagement is quickly becoming the most important way to generate growth of organic traffic. Viral marketing campaigns can draw large audiences to your services and sustained engagement with carefully identified cue-givers can also establish a direct path toward entrenching the value of tour brand in the minds of millions of people on a global scale. Growthisfast’s social marketing consists of much more than a steady stream of meaningless tweets. We go deeper to drive real growth and have the milestone metrics to prove it.

Media Buying Traffic Procurement is the unequivocally fastest way to provide immediate growth of your brand because it provides instantaneous results. When you buy 10,000 visitors you get them with whichever velocity you prefer. However, that’s just the start of what a real Media Buyer should be doing for your brand. That traffic must be analyzed, tracked and crafted to provide actionable intelligence that leads to a more refined traffic buy in each successive cycle of your campaign. If you are buying traffic and it isn’t helping you to make your next traffic buy more effective than your last, you are doing it wrong. Growthisfast’s media makes the most of every ad dollar you allocate by turning each win or loss into the kind of data points that quickly eliminate your losing efforts while leading you toward even more winners.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has become a lambasted form of traffic generation in many conference rooms recently because many of the ‘black hat’ tricks that used to provide short term growth have now been obviated by search engines that scrub their results much more artfully than they did in the past. That doesn’t change the fact that there are billions of ‘free’ visitors available through search traffic for your brand, and Growthisfast’s techniques are the best way to reach them because we provide fully compliant SEO strategies that draw traffic to your brand in ways that Google and other engines applaud.

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