Each of these companies has graciously agreed to be included in the testimonials section of our website. These are top tier brands with a long history of success, and each has benefited from an ongoing relationship with Growthisfast. The people attributed on this page have also agreed to serve as a point of contact if you would like to contact them as reference to discuss the effectiveness of our services. It is important to note the we will not include any mention of our work with your brands unless you specifically agree in advance to be discussed openly. Our goal is always your growth rather than our own glory.

Marketing Paradox

“We are a unique marketing firm that specializes in providing access to new online traffic streams for brands that do not want to be directly associated with some of our high volume traffic sources. For that reason, confidentiality and trust is essential to our success and every vendor we add to our supply chain is carefully vetted to an exceptional extent. After years of working with Justin and the Growthisfast team, we are pleased with their performance, and even more importantly we are able to state unequivocally that they can be trusted with all aspects of your business plan. Contact me any time.”
Eyal, CEO of www.MarketingParadox.com


“Weed Store Reviews is a digital brand built to support the entire cannabis industry by connecting worthwhile stores, B2B brands and customers online. Having a high quality APP is an essential element of our business plan and Grow This Fast has been a terrific strategic partner to work with from inception to distribution and everything in between regarding our mobile App presence.”
Stewart Tongue, CEO of www.WeedStoreReviews.com


“As one of the world’s leading trust-seal providers and a company built on the importance of validating the ethics of other firms, the avoidance of even the tiniest perception of impropriety is the single most important part of developing our own success. Growthisfast is a team of individuals who each bring an impeccable set of credentials and a lengthy track-record of success to you while maintaining the highest ethical standards at every point along the way from the first moment of contact through their extensive EASE process and on to the deployment of the ideas they provided which continue to fuel our growth. When it’s time to bring in fresh perspectives, Justin and Lauren are the first people you should consider and the best people you will ever hire.”
Roger Samuels, Vice President of www.WebsiteSecure.org